CPR provides professional personnel to augment and support our customers staff.
We supply Engineering, Maintenance and Training experts for the entire Industry.

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WE are registered as a veteran owned business 
we have selected our name and chosen our logo design to create the intent and purpose of the service we provide to our customers.

We thrive to perform on critical path by providing the precise resources that are required to meet or beat the work activity schedule.

Our arrow represents a schedule that is read from left to right and our name is written in the arrow with the colors going from red to green.
we have proven our precise resources will take your schedule performance from 'on' critical path (red) - to 'off" critical path (green).

our initials of "cpr" are also intentional - such to imply we bring life to your work schedule and with the display of a normal heart beat symbol to signify our ability to keep the work activities under control and thus making the schedule flow easier.

our CRITICAL PATH RESOURCES management team has EXECUTED in countless outages and turnarounds to know what it ESSENTIAL to really provide success

Management purposely chooses to control our number of Clients so WE can be focused on providing 100% Customer Service. OUR business model dictates for us to deliver Quality to each client, by NOT taking on an excessive customers simultaneously, which has proven ONLY to sacrifice Quality for quantity.  OUR reputation of a satisfied Customer is more important to us than taking on more Clients than we are designed to handle.

Office (610) 800-2460
  FAX  (866) 538-8896

5150 Ridgedale Drive
Erie, Pa. 16506-6116

 CPR is a subsidiary of JTARK,LLC and d.b.a. CRITICAL PATH RESOURCES.
 WE have listed the Utilities/Companies in which we are on the approved vendor list and have provided services at one plant or in some cases multiple plants:

Detroit Edison
 First Energy

WE have also supported other companies to provide our services with a few examples below:




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